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At Zorba The Greek we tried to combine the roots and recipes of old Smirni & Costantinoupolis of the syrup sweets with the modern Greek patisserie inspiration and formalised it in one unique way and presentation. 
Our main aspect is to combine the traditional pastries from Greece mainland and the Greek Islands and offer it to our clientele. 
Our professional team which includes a Greek confectioner, Baker and a pastry chef, apart of the friendly service team group, are producing a great variety of products on a daily basis. Products such as traditional politiko tsoureki (brioche), warm galatopoureko, sourdough bread and traditional spinach pie are at the top of the list of our creations. 
Our vision is the transmission of culture and the establishment of quality through Greek baking and patisserie products. Zorba The Greek Bakery and Patisserie is a spot for people who have good taste defining a new presence for gastronomy on the High Street, drawn from specifically curated regions of Greece mainland and Islands. It has been designed to satisfy the nostalgic, elegant and curious with traditional recipes from Greek Masterchef‘s dating back to 1980s. We aim to provide an experience to everyone who walks into our store a feeling like they are in Greece by enjoying high-quality traditional and authentic freshly made and baked products.

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